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Free WiFi along EDSA

As always, I woke up late this morning. I woke up my laptop from sleep and checked my emails. As usual, I got emails from my clients. I replied to each one of them and after that I took a shower, fixed myself and I was ready to go to work.

I was running a bit late so I hailed a taxi. I took my PSP, turned it on and tried to fight my way through some boxer in Fight Night Round 3. I got knocked out so I quit the game. I opened the Wifi Sniffer application on my PSP and I discovered a lot of wifi hot spots along EDSA. I noticed one wifi connection that was always there. From Boni to Buendia only one wifi connection was always present. This connection’s SSID name is seichetunnel.com. Believe me the signal is strong. The maximum speed was I think 54 Mbps.

When I got at the office, I immediately pointed my browser to seichitunnel.com and there I saw it. It was confirmed. Free Wifi along EDSA. I don’t know how long this connection is gonna be free but from the looks of it I think it’s another prepaid WiFi like Accesszone which you can find on malls.

I told my brother about it and told me it’s gonna be a paid WiFi. Here are the rates. Seiche Wi-Fi Light plan for P200 (one user account with five hours of usage within the coverage area; expires within 30 days); Seiche Moderate 10 for P350 (10 hours of usage, good for 60 days); and Seiche Wi-Fi Unlimited for P850 (unlimited usage for one month).

So while it’s still free, let’s make the best out of it.



  z3LL wrote @

may bayad. booo!

  Lea wrote @

about seichetunnel.com i live near edsa. and my laptop detected that free wi-fi. it says free but asked for a credit card number, saying for their reference in case i would like to subscribe. they said they wont charge. so i key-in credit card num for 10 hrs free. i never extend the use of 10 hrs. i selected the free 10 hrs. but then i was told that i was charge with seichetunnel…
so i guess this is a scam…

  berger wrote @

baka for people stuck in traffic to. wifi while waiting sa edsa. not a bad idea

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