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Pinoys Love Free Porn Sites

I checked out the top 100 most visited websites from the Philippines on Alexa.com. YouPorn and Redtube were on the top 30. Yeah, go pinoy. So that’s what Pinoys do on the internet. Surf free porn videos. I think parents need to make these websites unaccessible to their 10 year old kids. 10 year old kids here in the Philippines have friendster accounts. And yeah Friendster is number 1 on the most visited website from our blessed country, the Philippines. Blessed, not.

See the stats.


Bluetooth Saves

I was on my way home last Tuesday night. The bus had only four passengers, 3 guys (including me) and a girl. I was seated on the front row seat of the bus beside the window. On the opposite side was this pretty girl. She was like 4 feet away from me. I was glancing at her pretty face and I think she caught me looking at her. I wanted to get her name but I was a little bit shy. I didn’t know how to get to know her so I thought of some way to get her name. Then I saw a phone in her hands. I was sure her phone is bluetooth-enabled. So I took my phone out of my pocket, activated my bluetooth and started searching for her device if it was bluetooth-active. To my surprise, it was but when i saw her device name, that was when I stopped hoping. Guess what name appeard on the list of active bluetooth devices, No_bf_no_problem. I was sure it was hers.

I laughed my ass off to myself that night. The lesson is, learn to take advantage of the technology today. Or better yet, take a nap when you’re in a bus and stop glancing at pretty chicks you big loser.