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A Review: My Chemical Romance at The Fort

I just came home from the My Chemical Romance rock concert at The Fort and they were really awesome. They really rocked my brains out. They were great. Gerard was hitting the high notes. Frank Iero was rockin the guitar. Ray Toro was showing off his killer guitar licks. Mikey Way was great and Bob Briar has cool long hair now.

I’m still in the state of shock right up to now. I can’t believe I finally saw the band play live. I was like more than a hundred meters away but I don’t care as long as I can hear them do their stuff. I’m really a big fan of MCR. In fact when I was still in a band about 2 years ago, we were playing their songs. It really feels great to see them in person.

Before My Chemical Romance showed up on stage, Pop Shove It opened the show for them. After the opening act was finished rocking their set, we waited for half an hour. Minutes seemed like days. But suddenly the lights turned off. When the lights was turned on, MCR was at the stage. Amazing!

My Chemical Romance played a total of 20 songs and there are some new songs that I heard only on that concert. Here’s the list of the line-up in exact order:

  1. Disappear
  2. Dead
  3. I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
  4. Give ‘Em Hell Kid
  5. Sharpest Lives
  6. Mama
  7. My Way Home Is Through You
  8. Cemetery Drive
  9. Black Parade
  10. I Don’t Love You
  11. Headfirst for Halos
  12. House of Wolves
  13. Kill All Your Friends – A song from their B-sides
  14. You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
  15. Teenagers
  16. Helena
  17. Sleep
  18. Cancer
  19. Desert Song
  20. Famous Last Words

Gerard Way is really a great singer. In between one of the songs, I think he was singing a song from Freddie Mercury, the main man of Queen. Gerard is great. The whole band is great.

One thing I observed though, I think the band was disappointed at the way the people acted in front. I saw it in Gerard’s face, the way he acted when he left the stage. There wasn’t a smile on his face or a sign that he wanted to play here in the Philippines again. I really think he was shocked seeing the people in front of him dressed like they were going to some dance club or something. This is a rock show and not some disco club. I also can’t believe that there were chairs. I just thought to myself, “What the Fuck? Why are there chairs in the open field? This is a fucking god damn rock concert! And why are there 5 year old kids accompanied by their parents?” I even saw a whole family come to the show -a kid accompanied by his mom and dad. This isn’t a fuckin’ cartoon movie or something. Do the kids even understand the songs of My Chemical Romance? The big question is why did the organizer let those 5, those 10-year old kids into the concert. Gerard Way was cursing in front and there are many kids among the audience, 10 year old kids. The organizers should have known that. Haven’t they researched about the band? Kids should n’t be in there. Another funny thing is, I even heard somebody telling he saw Manny Pacquiao attend the concert. And it was confirmed to be true. Kin ( a friend of mine) also saw Anne Curtis dressed as a gothic girl. This isn’t good. This is funny. The organizers bailed. But I’m still thankful they brought the band here.

For sure, the band will never return here again. I hope that’s a lesson the pinoy should know. No more rich people in front, and the real fans at the back. Everybody should have equal opportunity – first come, first served. And there should only be one ticket price. But hell, this is Philippines – a country you will never understand. It all starts with great leaders.

I have some photos from the concert but I can’t find my USB transfer Cable. I guess I’ll have to post it here later.

***Updated the song titles on the list. Thanks to Jen!



  Bryan wrote @

rock concerts (specially in open fields) should really have one price for ticket and no VIP’s in front… you’re right dude.. that’s another bad idea…

  Angelo wrote @

Yah, your right. Even I didn’t went there because of the price of the ticket then you’ll gonna see just an glimpse of them! as tiny as your fingers.

  Jen wrote @

Hi! I hope you don’t mind me “filling in the blanks” in your song list:
#7 is “My Way Home Is Through You”
#11 is “Headfirst for Halos”
and #19 is “Desert Song” 🙂
Nice blog btw and I agree with what you said about the kids in the gig. What the hell were they doing there, indeed.

  tuktuujaartuq wrote @

I would have killed to have been there last Friday night. You got Bob back! And you got something from Bullets! HFH is a kick-a** song btw.
Since I couldn’t be there (I am visiting 3 months too late!), I tried to get as much detail as I possibly could (glutton for punishment anyone?). I was very surprised how much the tickets cost for the Philippine leg. I’m in Melbourne, Aus and we got the same price whether we were in the GA section or the nosebleed section – $62 (approx P2,200). This meant the real fans could afford to be upfront and everyone had a fantastic time. The guys clearly appreciated being appreciated by the crowd. It was a great night. But from the reviews I have read so far of the show, the VIP audience’s reaction was underwhelming and Gerard looked disappointed. What were the VIP audience expecting? Why were they there in the first place? And with young children? Although this may not mean the band will not come back, it may be harder to convince them to do so next time. But then, Gee likes a challenge so maybe they will give it another try. Think happy thoughts, fellow fans 🙂

  fatfingur wrote @

@Jen: Thanks for completing the songlist. Where were you at the concert? I was at the front row of the Silver Section but it’s still way too far.

@ tuktuujaartuq : Huge rock concerts here in the Philippines are strange. The place for the event is always divided into sections. The front section for the rich and famous, the middle section for real fans who can’t afford to be in front and the back section for more real fans who can’t afford to buy the god damn ticket. This is very sad because the people in front are girls and boys who only like to take a glimpse of Gerard Way and shouting, “I love you Gerard!”.

Same thing happened to Fall Out Boy concert here in Manila. There were rich people and girls in the front section shouting, “I love you Pete”, and there were kids accompanied by their parents.

Philippines, grow up.

  Angelo wrote @

Does Gerard knows that the concert in the open field is divided into parts?

If He knows it, he probably understand that the front seats are really like that as you said before… I saw some videos that the view from the general ad is too FAR really FAR… but then they are the one who knows all of their songs as they sing it.

For me, I certify myself as a REAL FAN that can afford the silver but cannot go the concert(I’am sorry for myself).I really want them to come back…

Does he understand his FANS?

For Another topic why does a CHAMP going to that COnceRT? PACMAN?

(I’am not a good english speaker)

  tuktuujaartuq wrote @

Thanks, fatfingur, for the clarification. I moved to Aus in my teens so prior to that time, I was still too young to go to shows so I never got to experience huge rock concerts while I was there. However I can certainly imagine the crowd by your descriptions since I it is my home country and am familiar with the culture. Btw, over here, we also have different sections since many of the shows are staged at local sporting arenas like Rod Laver Arena (where the Aus open tennis is held). Also, not all concerts have a flat ticket price and it’s not unusual to have VIP sections either although I wouldn’t expect a seated VIP section here for a group like MCR. It is strange.
Btw where was the FOB show held? Araneta Col?

  Jen wrote @

fatfingur: Hey I was at the Silver section too. I was one of the, um, screaming fangirls pressed against the metal railings (blush). Yeah Silver was too far. Babawi na lang ako sa pagbalik nila (hopefully!) 🙂

  fatfingur wrote @

@ tuktuujaartuq: I think FOB played in Araneta Coliseum.

@jen: Cool. Like you, I was at the silver section too and I was near the rails but I stayed on my place. I was on the second row near the Silver gate. Where were you? Were you at the middle? Or you were with your mom? Just kidding.

  thurnz wrote @

yeah f**k those vip, rich people, they shouldnt be there if they dont know how to rock, they just really suck

  fatfingur wrote @

I’m not against the rich people. @thurnz you are right. why go into the vip/front most section if you don’t know how to rock with the band’s music.

  trebdesign wrote @

ei, i dont watched the concert anyway, but i think the concert is good.. the problem is the crowd sucks! kakainis ang mga taong hindi naman alam ang pinupuntahang concert. papretty look pa sila e alam naman nilang rock concert un. maski moshpit alang nangyari. dapat wla na ring upuan sa harap. those rich people are irritating!

  Scais wrote @

I was seated at the gold section behind the f*ckin’ VIPs… yep, the crowd in front (barring those on the left) sucked big time. I felt like only me an my bro were enjoying the show.

Lotsa posers in front dressed up and sh*t but obviously knowing none of MCR’s songs outside of The Black Parade (the song, not the album). There was even someone who brought his gf (who was obviously bored to death by the concert) and both of them ended up just sitting down staring into blank space.

I agree that the gold section was mostly wasted and the frikin’ audience there ruined what couldve been an incredible experience… (i still enjoyed the show though and am still feeling the aftershocks of too much headbanging…)

  Twisted wrote @

i know a lot of you are saying the the ones in the front, sucked. But i guess the biggest obstacle was that the chairs in the gold/vip section were stuck together, so the people, who actually wanted to rock couldn’t move that much, so they had to stand on the chairs instead. I’m not sure how it was the seating arrangement was in the GA, but i’m assuming they were all standing, therefore they had more leg room.

  fatfingur wrote @

@Scais: The poor guy shouldn’t have brought her girlfriend.

@Twisted: Yeah that too. In the first place, why did they even put chairs. It’s an open field. People need to move around. Only drummers sit down on rock concerts. I think it would be better if they got rid of the chairs and just placed the dividers/railings.

  Jen wrote @

fatfingur: Ha :-p Actually…I went there all by myself (because I’m a big girl now) :-p

I think I saw the couple Scais is talking about, were they in the Gold section? They looked kinda sweet. hehe

  thinkhappythoughts wrote @

first of all, i’m going to state that i was in the vip section, but i want to make it clear that i’m not one of them rich&famous whatever people who only know the hit songs of the band. i am an absolute fan of MCR & being able to watch them live & upclose was totally awesome..pero nga..ung problema..some of the people around me were like..dead. some were just standing up..some were even seated lang. some girls close to me looked like they were going to a disco party while i was wearing a simple shirt & jeans. hay..i just hope that they DO come back here & sana nga something will be done about the sections & ticket prices para may chance yung mga fans talaga na di ma-afford yung vip. o_o

  thinkhappythoughts wrote @

and yeah…i also noticed that gerard was disappointed.. 😦

  Scais wrote @

@ Twisted –> i had the same issue with the chairs. what made it more frustrating that the posers in the front kept standing like statues blocking the view and ruining the experience…

@Fatfingur –> yeah… i didn’t bring my better half with me simply because i didnt want her to come to a concert she wont enjoy (which i turn i will end up not enjoying either)… seems like common sense is no longer that common…

@ Jen –> yep they were in the Gold Section, left of the stage behind the VIP section… wtf was the guy thinking?!?! MCR music is far from valentine music (unless he was trying to tell the girl “I don’t love you like i did yesterday”)…

  Sam Milby wrote @

guys are there many fans come to that concert??

  fatfingur wrote @

There were 5 thousand people at least. I think.

  lotcute wrote @

hello! i was at the gold section with my sister, that was my graduation gift for her.actually, a lot of people at the gold area wanted to crowd at the front, well that is the reason we bought those expeeensive tickets anyway. but the chairs are on the way! and also the bouncers are so unreasonable! when mcr started to play, they wanted the people to stay seated!!! what the hell?!! i really think they were disappointed with the VIP’s. they did not come back even when the crowd shouted for more.. nice blog though, what was the song with the lalalalala? its not DEAD, is it MY WAY HOME IS THROUGH YOU? thanks!

  Alex wrote @

Thats really cool. Well im seeing MCR for the 3rd time on thursday, the 17th . Im really excited. The song list suprised me because everytime Ive went to see them they havent really ever played songs from their 1st album or the b sides. Now im really excited.

  Vincent wrote @

I was at the Gold. I bought my ticket as soon as it was available. (spent most of my savings just to get it, but it was damn worth it.) Awesome concert! I loved the fact that they played 3 b-sides, AND Headfirst for Halos! Though, I was hoping for Venom, or even maybe GhostOfU or Jetset.. still never really expected they’d play My Way home is through you (Really awesome song).

I agree, with what you said about the kids and fans at the back. I was probably the only one in my area who was singing to the lyrics of all their songs (not only to their singles since it was only during these songs when I believe that Gerard could actually hear the crowd singing along). In cemetery drive, when Gerard paused after “when the searchlights found us, drinking by the ___”, the crowd didn’t fill him in. Very disappointing. I was probably the only one who shouted “MAUSOLEUM DOOR!”
What really surprised me was how even most of the people with me upfront didn’t know songs off the TBP, such as Sharpest Lives, Sleep, House of Wolves, etc. No one was knew the lyrics!

To Iotcute, the song with the lalalas is DEAD.

  Gerone wrote @

I had just seen coheed and cambria performed here in manila, and I couldn’t help but compare the fans. Coheed’s fans, though the fans are mostly middle aged man, aren’t as lame as MCR’s when they were at the concert scene. I was looking for a proof, something like this, a blog that could prove that My Chemical Romance got bored or let us all say wasted their time when they performed here in the Philippines. I was at the gold section( yes, i could say that I WAS REALLY A FAN, i know all the songs they played, but couldn’t afford the VIP section that time. dang.,gold costs almost 4k but the VIP costs 6k more)
i got disappointed, probably because of the fans(let’s just say fake fans), they do not know any song of MCR aside from Welcome to the black Parade(blame MYX), and second because there were chairs. it’s like going to a movie house. you do not watch rock concerts seating. but, i wasn’t looking for a mosh pit either. i hated the mosh pit at coheed’s concert. thing is, Coheed’s fans are REAL fans, unlike MCR’s, mostly are just there just to say they’ve seen them live. so long story short, FAKE FANS SUCK. we real fans deserve the vip section too.

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