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Today is Thursday

Actually, today is really Friday. But tonight at A-Venue, somewhere along Makati, a New Jersey based band named Thursday will create chaos. Thursday, one of my favorite post-hardcore bands, will be playing tonight… Oh my ice-breathing fucking god, It’s tonight! I can’t believe it. I waited my whole life for this.

So who among you real post-hardcore loving guys are gonna see the concert? This is your one and only chance. And if you are going there tonight, leave a message here. See you!


I heart Windows Live Writer

Finally, I found an application from Microsoft that doesn’t suck at all. If you are a blogger and you are looking for blogging tools, stop looking now. Windows Live Writer is the tool for you. It’s better than all those blogging tools you’ll see on the web. It’s got everything you need as a blogger. It made me happy. I know it will make you smile too. Why not try it out? Start making your life easy by going to: http://get.live.com/writer/overview

Thursday Live in Manila

Do you think I’m kidding? Thursday, one of my favorite bands, is finally coming to Manila. Don’t believe me? Read the news on Pinoy Rock Lyrics.