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Goodbye Shinji & Nikaru

My pet African love bird died today. He was still alive when I saw him during his last minutes but he was struggling and battling death. The last thing he did before he died was spread his wings. I will surely miss Shinji.

His partner Nikaru died 3 weeks ago. So I think Shinji died because he was broken hearted although we bought him a new partner, Gabriela. I guess Shinji didn’t like Gabriela. But I’m also guessing he got sick or something. I might be sending the Gabriela to the vet. Oh well.

Meanwhile, my pet persian cat, Mittens bit me on my middle finger on the right hand 2 days ago. So I had to go to the doctor and give me shots of expensive anti-rabies and anti-tetanous vaccines. I hope Mittens doesn’t get rabid though. But I’m completeing the anti-rabies shots just to be sure.

Shinji & Nikaru

Shinji & Nikaru