untold stories from a slacker


This blog is a digital dump of fatfingur’s thoughts, ideas, artworks, rants and everything about the ever changing world.
Everything in here is entirely a product of fatfingur’s deranged thoughts.
Fatfingur is a Web and Graphic Designer located in Manila, Philippines. He goes to work from 9am to 6pm. He loves rootbeer.
He loves light beer.
He overdoses with strong beer.
He smokes every after lunch.
He drinks coffee.
He loves music.
Preferably loud music.
Like Screamo.
Not bands like Simple Plan or Creed.

Happy reading and please fell free to post comments.



  Karmen wrote @

My name is Karmen.
You have an interesting blog https://fatfingur.wordpress.com
I would be glad to collaborate with you.
So here is a question for you: Can we carry out a link trade,
I mean your and my blog: http://cigarettesgadget.blogsome.com
I think it would be relevant for both of us.
It would be nice to receive the answer to my letter.

Good day.

  Michael wrote @

Hi Dino,

I’ve included your blog in my annual list:

  fatfingur wrote @

Awesome! Thanks Michael. I really appreciate it.

  Pinoy wrote @

ay , dito pala.. 🙂

I would like to propose an exchange of links? 🙂

You link will be placed on “Partner sites” section of http://www.pinoybanda.com

Please consider.. salamat!


  Flash wrote @

But right away I be enduring show up to put faith that the fit domain is an enigma, a harmless problem that is made rueful on our own fuming attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.

  Chuck wrote @

I believe I allready have been acknowledged about this topic
at pub yesterday by a colleague, but at that time
it didn’t caugh my attention.

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