Hi there. My name is Dino Latoga and this is my personal blog.

I started this blog 14 years ago and now I’m back.

So why did I decide to blog again?

There are lots of reasons going on in my mind but I’m going to share you just the ones that I can explain. So here it goes.

I want to improve my writing skills.

So yeah. One of the main reasons I want to blog again is because I wanted to improve my writing. Ever since I decided to go full time work at home, I forgot the simple joys of blogging. I could have written hundreds of entries now if I continued to write.

I want to help people learn things through my blogging.

If I post my ideas on my blog, I get to exercise typing real sentences and not code blocks. I get to use the keyboard more often than point the mouse on different directions.

If I improve my writing skills I can write more valuable posts that can be helpful to my audience. I guess that’s the main reason. I want to help people learn things through my blogging.

I want to share new stories & adventures

A lot of folks say that life begins at 40. I don’t really believe that saying because technically life starts when the sperm and egg cell combined. But fuck my belief.

I just turned 40 last September and my life is kinda in crisis. It’s different now compared to 14 years ago. Life was easier way back then. Why does it gets complicated when you get older. I don’t understand.

Some of the people I know that are in their 40s right now have great jobs, big houses, their own bosses, living their dream life but here I am still struggling. But that is going to change starting now.

I want to reach out to more people.

If I really want to live the life that I dream of, I’m going to have to connect to a lot of people. Ask them about their problems and if it’s something that I can solve, I will offer my help. This is what my mentor thought me about business.

Business is more than selling. It’s about knowing what the problem of your client is and how you can help them solve it.

Helping other people will lead me to the dream that I’ve been wanting. So basically, I just want to help people. I want to help businesses and by doing that I get to do what I love doing.

Below is what this page looked like 14 years ago. When I was full of life and didn’t really care about anything but myself.

This blog is a digital dump of fatfingur’s thoughts, ideas, artworks, rants and everything about the ever changing world.

Everything in here is entirely a product of fatfingur’s deranged thoughts.

Fatfingur is a Web and Graphic Designer located in Manila, Philippines. He goes to work from 9am to 6pm. He loves rootbeer.

He loves light beer.

He overdoses with strong beer.

He smokes every after lunch.

He drinks coffee.

He loves music.

Preferably loud music.

Like Screamo.

Not bands like Simple Plan or Creed.

Happy reading and please fell free to post comments.