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2009 Hot Air Balloon Festival

Yesterday we headed towards Clark, Pampanga to see things that can fly. I never saw Superman though. I took some pictures and you can check it out on my flickr account.

Balloon 13

Balloon 13



You can see more on flickr.


News says Private Downloads Will be Monitored by Mr. Papaya

I was watching the local news last night I think when I heard that Edu Manzano and his cohorts are cooking some law that would make private downloads illegal. It means that all private downloads will be monitored and you may be sued if you are downloading pirated stuff.

My reaction? I just laughed in front of the TV. How in the world will they do that? And even if they were successful wouldn’t that be invasion of privacy? I mean this guy’s really not thinking at all. He’s just saying things that would make him look good in front of the people. He couldn’t even handle the piracy problem – the illegal DVDs and CDs. So why the hell should we believe this crap? This guy is pretentious. He should just stick with his stupid papaya dance step and entertain people.

Learn how to unlock the possibilities of your device on GizmoWizmo

Me and my brother has come up with a new tech blog. It’s called GizmoWizmo. It sounds silly but just wait till the content comes pouring in. GizmoWizmo will cover everything about the latest gadgets and technology. It’s not just another tech blog but a guide for people like you and me who loves gadgets. It’s gonna be a repository for guides on how to manage and maximize your hard-earned gadgets.

It’s temporarily using the Firebug theme but we’re gonna roll it up with a new look next month. Discover amazing things about your device now.

Cable TV and Cans of Milk

We just had our cable TV installed today. So right now we have more than 5 channels. Isn’t that exciting? (not)

I just realized a while ago when I was surfing the channels that it’s all the same. I mean the situation is all the same. The scenario is still the same. When we had only 5 channels on TV, I was complaining because there’s nothing good to watch. Now that we’ve got 70+ channels I’m still complaining because I don’t what the hell to watch. The solution – my computer. So I just went to my home office and sat in front of the PC to work on my projects.

Another thing is, I think there’s a scarcity of NAN HA-2 baby milk here in Pampanga. We looked everywhere – every supermarket and drugstore. We can’t find a can of NAN HA-2 for my baby. Where are the cans of milk, Nestle?!!!

Meanwhile, in the world of blogging, my Una WordPress theme is now widget ready. So for those of you looking for a clean looking professional theme, grab Una now. You can see the demo of Una theme on my website.

Concert Review: Thursday at A-Venue

Thursday’s gig last night at Makati was a blast. My ears are still ringing from the loud music. The opening bands were great but not all of them.

The concert was opened up by the loud screaming music of April Morning Skies. They totally rock. April Morning Skies is the next band to watch out for. Angulo came up next on stage and just stood there. Chicosci followed and they did their thing on stage. The last opening act was Typecast who gave all their best and they didn’t fail. Typecast is fucking great. Steve Badiola’s screams are rock solid.

Then the lights turned off. The crowd was screaming, getting excited on Thursday. First one who stepped up on stage was the bassist from Saves the Day who filled up for Tim Payne. Then came the other members. When Geoff Rickley came up, the crowd started to roar. The lights turned on and then Thursday began playing their first song whose title I forgot. The crowd went haywire. Every man for himself. The moshpit was chaotic. There were teenage girls in the moshpit. That was cool.

The rest of Thursday’s set was very good. The crowd stayed active all through out their set. They didn’t play “War All The Time” but they played “Cross Out The Eyes.”

After their set, I tried to look for the band to have my Thursday posters signed and autographed. I failed. But it’s ok, seeing them and hearing them is enough.

They’ll be in Camarines Sur tonight to play in the Kaogma festival. I hope the crowd there will be just as wild as the people at A-venue. But I 100 percent doubt it.

This is a repost from Pinoy Rock Lyrics.

I heart Windows Live Writer

Finally, I found an application from Microsoft that doesn’t suck at all. If you are a blogger and you are looking for blogging tools, stop looking now. Windows Live Writer is the tool for you. It’s better than all those blogging tools you’ll see on the web. It’s got everything you need as a blogger. It made me happy. I know it will make you smile too. Why not try it out? Start making your life easy by going to: http://get.live.com/writer/overview

A Review: My Chemical Romance at The Fort

I just came home from the My Chemical Romance rock concert at The Fort and they were really awesome. They really rocked my brains out. They were great. Gerard was hitting the high notes. Frank Iero was rockin the guitar. Ray Toro was showing off his killer guitar licks. Mikey Way was great and Bob Briar has cool long hair now.

I’m still in the state of shock right up to now. I can’t believe I finally saw the band play live. I was like more than a hundred meters away but I don’t care as long as I can hear them do their stuff. I’m really a big fan of MCR. In fact when I was still in a band about 2 years ago, we were playing their songs. It really feels great to see them in person.

Before My Chemical Romance showed up on stage, Pop Shove It opened the show for them. After the opening act was finished rocking their set, we waited for half an hour. Minutes seemed like days. But suddenly the lights turned off. When the lights was turned on, MCR was at the stage. Amazing!

My Chemical Romance played a total of 20 songs and there are some new songs that I heard only on that concert. Here’s the list of the line-up in exact order:

  1. Disappear
  2. Dead
  3. I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
  4. Give ‘Em Hell Kid
  5. Sharpest Lives
  6. Mama
  7. My Way Home Is Through You
  8. Cemetery Drive
  9. Black Parade
  10. I Don’t Love You
  11. Headfirst for Halos
  12. House of Wolves
  13. Kill All Your Friends – A song from their B-sides
  14. You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
  15. Teenagers
  16. Helena
  17. Sleep
  18. Cancer
  19. Desert Song
  20. Famous Last Words

Gerard Way is really a great singer. In between one of the songs, I think he was singing a song from Freddie Mercury, the main man of Queen. Gerard is great. The whole band is great.

One thing I observed though, I think the band was disappointed at the way the people acted in front. I saw it in Gerard’s face, the way he acted when he left the stage. There wasn’t a smile on his face or a sign that he wanted to play here in the Philippines again. I really think he was shocked seeing the people in front of him dressed like they were going to some dance club or something. This is a rock show and not some disco club. I also can’t believe that there were chairs. I just thought to myself, “What the Fuck? Why are there chairs in the open field? This is a fucking god damn rock concert! And why are there 5 year old kids accompanied by their parents?” I even saw a whole family come to the show -a kid accompanied by his mom and dad. This isn’t a fuckin’ cartoon movie or something. Do the kids even understand the songs of My Chemical Romance? The big question is why did the organizer let those 5, those 10-year old kids into the concert. Gerard Way was cursing in front and there are many kids among the audience, 10 year old kids. The organizers should have known that. Haven’t they researched about the band? Kids should n’t be in there. Another funny thing is, I even heard somebody telling he saw Manny Pacquiao attend the concert. And it was confirmed to be true. Kin ( a friend of mine) also saw Anne Curtis dressed as a gothic girl. This isn’t good. This is funny. The organizers bailed. But I’m still thankful they brought the band here.

For sure, the band will never return here again. I hope that’s a lesson the pinoy should know. No more rich people in front, and the real fans at the back. Everybody should have equal opportunity – first come, first served. And there should only be one ticket price. But hell, this is Philippines – a country you will never understand. It all starts with great leaders.

I have some photos from the concert but I can’t find my USB transfer Cable. I guess I’ll have to post it here later.

***Updated the song titles on the list. Thanks to Jen!