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Rip-Offs: An Infectious Bad Habit

Rounin’s logo is a rip-off

I know I should have blogged this long ago but hey, it’s never too late.

Has anyone seen Rounin? It’s an ABS-CBN show which they call a tele-epiko (where do they get those weird names) that ended a month ago, I think. I saw it on TV a month ago and I noticed something fishy about the logo. As a comic book fan, I’m really familiar with the logos of comic book titles. I noticed the R on Rounin as somewhat identical to one of the comics I saw while I was in highschool. It looks like the logo of Shaman’s Tears, an Image comic release. You can see the similarity on this photo that I’ve put up. Well, it’s for you to judge.

This may not be new among Filipinos, but ripping off logos ,titles and movies has become a very bad habit of Filipinos. I always read on articles, blogs, newspapers that the Filipino is globally competitive but is it really true? Well, I really believe that there are really good Filipino designers out there, but aren’t really recognized. Are Filipino’s incapable of creating a unique concept? I think not. The problem is the Filipino is afraid to try something different. That’s why he rips off.

But then again there are still those who stay true to themselves. those are the true Filipino designers. I hate rip-offs.



I was already late for work yesterday so I decided to ride a taxi to go to work. When I arrived at the building, the taxi driver is asking me for a tip. These damn taxi drivers. Ang kakapal ng mukha.

I have another unfinished vector art on the works and this time it’s my office buddy.  He’s a php programmer and I won’t mention his name. This vector is still on it’s alpha stage which means it’s still 20% done. Well enjoy.

If you want a vector artwork of yourself just email me your photo: fatfingur@gmail.com

Vector Alpha

I’m No StarStruck Fan but I love Kris Bernal

Yeah, you’ve read the title right. I love Kris Bernal. My friend Robert told me he’s seen this pretty lady before she’s even joined StarStruck. Robert showed me photos of Kris from friendster and I was struck. She’s cute so I made a vector cartoon art of her face. I know I’m not gonna be able to meet her or talk to her. So what? I’ve got her photo. Well here she is in vector!

Kris Bernal

If you’re gonna download this photo, feel free to do so but please don’t modify it. I spent more than 3 hours making this so the artwork deserves some respect and credit. Thanks.

Maybe you noticed the new look of this blog

Is it your first time here? If not, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new cool look of my blog. yeah I changed the layout and added a custom header. I’ve been doing vectors lately and yeah, I made the whole header thing on Adobe Illustrator CS2. I’ve been vectorizing faces since last week and a lot of people, mostly my friends at Yahoo. They want a vectorized face and they’re like demanding it like it was so easy to do. Well it ain’t easy like you think. It’s not like a filter in Photoshop. It’s more complicated.

If you want a vectorized face just contact me and I’ll do it for you for free but don’t be so demanding coz it’s free already.

Here are samples. Enjoy the Scanner Darkly Effect brought to you by Stylemo. That’s me!

Mark’s Avatar


Ken’s Avatar


I have risen back from the dead.

Busy days and sleepless nights kept me away from my own blog. I miss those days when I was typing something in here for others and myself to read. Those were the times. It’s like so many years ago but it’s not. It was just a few weeks when I last posted here.

Let’s start bloggin’ again.

So did anyone miss me? Did you? Oh well, nobody missed me. So here’s what’s new:

Rakrakan, an independent music concert production organization showcasing indie Pinoy rock bands is about to hit the road on October. Rakrakan will be having a concert tour on the different parts of the Metro. The tour will feature new promising rock acts from the new ass-kicking independent label, Rebolusyon Rekords. The tour will also give you some top popular acts although it has not yet been confirmed. So stay tuned evil pinoy rock fans.

According to the Rakrakan website, one of the new rock acts that will be included on the tour will be EyeScream. So who are these guys? EyeScream is an indie Screamo band hailing from Cabanatuan City. I’ve seen these guys perform live and I’ve taken pictures of them on the Whoops Battle of the Bands held last April in Manila. Actually, EyeScream’s frontman, Epoy is one of my buddies. I’ve been with these guys during their recording at SoundWeavers, a 32-track Protools Digital Recording Studio in Makati.

ERF, will also be joining the tour. I don’t know much about ERF yet but check out Siopao’s multiply page, and find out for yourself. ERF is currently recording their debut album right now at Makati.

And yeah, I almost forgot, I just bought 3 Civil War tie-ins today. Find out more about Civil War.

The Battle for Civil War #3

It’s been eons since I last poeted on this blog. So what’s keeping the fatfingur from posting on his blog?  Well I guess he’s just too busy with work. Yeah he never gets enough sleep nowadays.

It was just Yesterday when fatfingur went straight ahead to Comic Quest after work. He called the comic shop to ask if there are new arrivals. The lady who answered said that it would arrive at 7:30 PM.

So fatfingur went to the store. He was there at the exact time but the new deliveries weren’t there yet. So what he did was he paid in advance so he can be sure not to miss an issue. So he did and waited and waited.

Finally, at 9 PM, a bolt of lightning struck in front of the store and people were amazed. Because Thor is back and they don’t know which side is he on. Well I guess they better wait for  Civil War #4.

Superman Returns, Tragedy Uprises

I have just witnessed the return of Superman last night at the Podium. I was planning to see that movie on iMax but the seat reservations are already taken for the whole mutherfuckin week and all the following weeks but what the heck, I’m glad i didn’t have to see it on iMax. Ticket costs a sterling 350 pesos.

I’m really not a DC fan but I do admire Superman when I was a kid. I mean Superman was invulnerable, he was fast, he can fly… he can almost do every super power thing. He was so Super that’s why I don’t really like him. Unlike Spider-Man, my favorite Superhero, he has unlimited powers and that makes him so human that I can really relate to him ( yeah i’ve got some super-powers too!). But I really don’t like Spiderman the movie. It’s story has changed and well it sucks. I’ve seen the Spider-man 3 trailer and I’ve seen Spidey and his black costume and I don’t like it. Why can’t they make one just like in the comics? Spider-Man’s black costume is his old costume painted in black. Woah it sucks and it’s stupid. I don’t care about the Spider-Man movies anymore, I’d just buy the comics. if you haven’t heard yet, Spider-Man already has revealed his true identity.

Speaking of hiding secret identities and creating disguises, I firmly believe that there is only one man who does this the best. No it’s not the guys on Mission Imposibble. It’s not Spider-Man either. It’s not Mystique or any shapeshifter. Do you wanna know who this guy is? Nope, it’s not you. It’s Superman, damn it! He just wears those glasses and tadaa… he turns into Clark Kent. Nobody even notices. Even Lois Lane. Those characters at DC are so dumb just like in Superman Returns the movie. Haven’t they noticed any similarity on Clark Kent and Superman? Superman was gone for 5 years and so was Clark. Didn’t the people at the Daily Planet knew that or they were just playing dumb?

I’m gonna tell you something from the movie, Superman fucked Lois Lane before he went looking out for his dead folks and dead planet. I wonder how fast Superman did it. A split second? Even Lois Lane didn’t know. hahahahaha!