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Lo! The song Marco and I made

I was scanning through my files on my old hard drive last week and I found this song. The song is still untitled and I don’t know what it means. So I’m gonna call the song Lo! The song was written by Marco and I made the music of course. I play the guitar and Marco did the singing. Now i’m wondering, do I have what it takes to be a musician? Listen to the guitar part and leave your comments.

This is live, unedited digital recording. So forgive the noise.


Eyescream: Memories at 7605


Eyescream, a loud emo band from Nueva Ecija is recently staying at 7605. Yeah 7605, our little apartment here in Mandaluyong. If you haven’t heard of this band yet, well, they’re a band from Nueva Ecija who just released an album entitled  a few months ago. They’re here in Manila to promote their album and of course play a few gigs. Tonight, they’ll be playing at Saguijo and I’ll be seeing them later together with the rest of the past Muziklaban winners.

Me and my housemate Monmon had a little interview on these guys. You can listen to the podcast if you ‘re interested. Well they were drunk doing this. You can hear me play pip’s guitar on the background.

Man: The Destroyer

Man destroys earth

I’ve observed since I was young that each and everyone is a destroyer. I’m not insane or anything it’s just that I’ve seen people build and destroy things. A smoker perhaps doesn’t know that he’s destroying his lungs and killing himself and the people around him too. Loggers who cut trees and abuse our natural resources are destroyers and killers too. People kill animals for food. Factory dump their wastes on our rivers thus destroying them and making them uninhabitable. So what’s my point here?

The earth is dying and thanks to us. We’re all part of it. We don’t realize it but the sad truth is that you and I contribute to the earth’s demise. And who gets affected? Not the trees nor the rivers but we, the people. We’re killing the earth. Yesterday was Earth Day but there’s nothing we did to celebrate it. We just made it suffer more. And I think no one even remembered our planet’s holiday.


The bright light beams from her eyes like broken glass.
Or a broken heart, who would have guessed?
You’d leave me here.
Beneath my eyes I feel the tears, I hold back.
I won’t leave this way again.
As my legs start to shake, I feel nothing.
I wanted you, I needed you, but you weren’t there for me this time.
I won’t leave this way again.
You that I loved, that I needed.
You weren’t there.
Not this time.
What can I do?
I was supposed to love you.
What can I say?
I won’t leave.
What can I do?
I was supposed to help you.
I cannot feel.
Last breath I feel, warm air intake.
The last summer’s day, last one I take.
I won’t leave this way.
Lost it all for you.
When the shadows beam, misery remains.
I won’t leave this time.

This is Silverstein’s fifth track from their first debut album, When Broken is Easily Fixed. I could really relate to this right now. Yeah, this is so screamo.

Dog food or the dog is food or maybe not.

Two long weeks has passed since the great "break up" happened. I still haven't recovered yet but I'm beginning to understand everything now. Maybe this has to really happen for our own good. For her to be happy and me to find my own true self. I've been wandering for more than twenty years in life just looking for myself. I know you are too. Each and everyone of us do.

It's really so damn hard to forget but I'm trying. I'm keeping myself busy on work. In fact I have too many projects to keep my mind off this girl. Maybe this is destiny's plan for me. What I'm thinking right now is I wanna get rich. Yeah, that's what I wanna actually do, now that I'm all alone in this fight. It's such a tragedy but I know I should move on. I'd never be happy again but what the heck, I'd just try to amuse myself with more projects so I could earn a lot of cash. so I could buy things that can keep my mind off her and my other problems… Oh what the heck am I talking about. Next paragraph please…

Anyway, I have some story to tell. Please read this.

Dog eat dog? Man eat dog poop!Some old hometown friend told me a story about how some minority group in the northern part of the Philippines deal with a dog for dinner and appetizer. He said that before they butcher the damn pitiful dog, they tie the dog up for five days without food, just water. This is to clean the dogs digestive and excretory system. The night before they butcher the poor dog, they feed him with corned beef. So when the morning comes, these minority group of people strangle the dog with an "alambre" or a steel wire and hang the poor damn dog on the tree. When the dog is dead, they use a blow torch to burn the poor dog. Isn't that brutally insane? That's animal abuse. No, I think not. That's not the end of my story yet. Before I continue my story, I want you guys to get a pail or a paper bag and put it beside you. So here it goes, when the dog's entire hide is burned, these crazy people put some tube or some steel pipe into the dog's anus and suck the corned beef from this dog'sintestines. My friend says that according to this crazy minority people, the digested corned beef from a dog's ass tastes better and is more delicious. Now, I would like to see that on exotic restaurants. They should name it "corned beef ala dog poop".

If you can't imagine it, I've provided an illustration I did myself.

I just had two bottles of beer and about a dozen of cigarettes. I'm not crazy. This story is true.

Clean your monitor with this brush!

So I had trouble finding answers to a lot of questions and I'm trying to be ok. I kept looking and looking and I've just realized I won't find it on the internet. I don't want to be whining about something forever so I guess I'll just move on. I need something to help me forget bad experiencs and bad break-ups.

So here, my co-worker and friend, Riggy Boy just gave me this cool and funny link. Are you excited about it? Wait guys, I'm just gonna warn you, don't laugh or get shocked. What I'm gonna show you is a great tool – this is not just any tool, ok? This is something you need. I know you need to wipe off the dust on your monitor sometimes, so here it is. Enjoy cleaning your monitors with this cool wiping tool. I call this the X-Wiper.

So come on guys and clean your monitor with this brush! 

Maybe making paper cranes will help me get on with my life.

Yesterday I was browsing blogs across Blogger and WordPress looking for some answers to my questions and I stumbled upon a blog talking about paper cranes. I really didn't find any answers to my questions there. I was just really interested. It says that if you make a thousand paper cranes and make a wish, your wish would come true. I know it sounds kinda dumb but hell no! I believe it.

I'll make a thousand cranes, I'll even make tens of thousands.

I'll consider this to be my therapy so I could at least forget my bad experiences. I've already made three paper cranes. The first one I made was from an inlay of a CD-R. I used a soft pack cigarette case on the second one. I made the first two yesterday. The third paper crane was made from my ATM receipt. Yeah I'm broke. I only have 28 pesos for my remaining balance.My Paper Cranes

What am I gonna wish for if I've already made a thousand paper cranes? I can't decide what to wish for yet.

Maybe, I'll wish for world peace… nah, that's too selfish. Warlords would be sad if I did that.

Should I wish for a genie so I could get three wishes? Probably not. I don't wanna be Aladdin.

Oh what the heck. I'll just wish for everyone to be happy.

Good night.