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Check out my website Redesign

I have recently launched the latest redesign of my site. Please check it out: http://dinolatoga.com. While you are at it, you may also want to read the 7 stages the redesign went through before I end up with the final one which I’m using right now.

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Cable TV and Cans of Milk

We just had our cable TV installed today. So right now we have more than 5 channels. Isn’t that exciting? (not)

I just realized a while ago when I was surfing the channels that it’s all the same. I mean the situation is all the same. The scenario is still the same. When we had only 5 channels on TV, I was complaining because there’s nothing good to watch. Now that we’ve got 70+ channels I’m still complaining because I don’t what the hell to watch. The solution – my computer. So I just went to my home office and sat in front of the PC to work on my projects.

Another thing is, I think there’s a scarcity of NAN HA-2 baby milk here in Pampanga. We looked everywhere – every supermarket and drugstore. We can’t find a can of NAN HA-2 for my baby. Where are the cans of milk, Nestle?!!!

Meanwhile, in the world of blogging, my Una WordPress theme is now widget ready. So for those of you looking for a clean looking professional theme, grab Una now. You can see the demo of Una theme on my website.

Make way for Pinoy Rock Lyrics!

I’ve just launched the super beta version of one of my personal projects. This one is called Pinoy Rock Lyrics.

This personal project was developed using WordPress as CMS. I designed the whole site in Fireworks for layout and Photoshop for image editing. As usual I converted the whole design into XHTML format using my favorite code editor, Notepad ++. After converting to XHTML, I ported it into WordPress. So in short, I developed the whole site by myself. Of course I’ve got help from Robert and the gang for the content.

Well, enough of the bragging. I want you guys to take a look at it and tell me how does it look and feel like. Please click the image below to go the Pinoy Rock Lyrics.

Pinoy Rock Lyrics Screenshot

Need a Web Designer, XHTML and CSS developer?

Do you have a website that looks like old school? Is your website hard to maintain because of all the complicated code you can’t understand? Well, stop your worries now because help is here. Yeah you got that right. I will help you on your problem with your website.

Maybe you are asking why I’m broadcasting my service or myself as a web designer. Well, I’m currently unemployed right now because I’ve chosen to work freelance for a while. My expertise are coding valid XHTML and CSS and designing websites that has excellent usability and accessibility. I also design and make custom WordPress themes. Yeah thanks for the WordPress codex. If you have a website that is composed or built with tables, I can make it a tableless layout by coding valid XHTML and CSS. Why convert your website into a tableless layout? Well there are many obvious reasons. I can only name a few but these few reasons are enough to convince you to have your site a make over:

First, table based layouts takes so much time to load while websites done with CSS layout takes a shorter time. Second, table based layouts are very hard to maintain and update while CSS layouts are very easy to update and maintain even for the person who has a little knowledge about HTML.

Tables are meant for tabular data and not for layout. Using XHTML and CSS, your website become user friendly, accessible and search engine robot-friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Help me and give me something to work with. I don’t want to spendthe Christmas holidays without a penny. If you are interested about my works and you want to hire me, email me at fatfingur[at]gmail.com or you can leave a comment below with your email so I can email you back. Thanks and I’m looking forward for job offers!