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Killing Time with Online Messenger Games

It’s exactly 1:25 AM on my computer clock and I don’t know why I’m still awake. I’m supposed to be doing my web projects but unfortunately laziness has got into me again. I’m lying on my cozy sofa bed while i’m thinking of words to write here. Well, here you go. Please read if you are interested and I know you will be because this is interesting.

I was playing pool with an old friend, Patrick a.k.a Macmac, awhile ago on Yahoo Messenger. I lost the first two games but I managed to win on the third one. We got tired of pool so we tried the word hunt game. Well, I won. Then there was Pearl, another game from Yahoo Messenger. it works like Minesweeper but only it has better graphics. We didn’t finish the damn game because it was so fuckin’ boring i almost fell asleep. So we closed the game and we got disconnected.

I logged into Twitter and posted what I was doing. After that I opened Adobe Illustrator and created a new header for this blog. You may have noticed it already. Well yeah, I really like the color of it. It’s cool and nice to the eyes. How bout you what do you think about it?

I’m kinda sleepy. I should wrap this up with a thought for everybody- The new guy is a great guy.


Back to where I came from

Just a few minutes from now, I’ll be leaving the office and making my way to the bus terminal. Yeah I’ll be having my 5 day vacation. I’ll be heading to Baguio and La Union for a time to relax and spend my time with my family and friends.

I miss my hometown. It’s been almost a year since I last visited our old house on the top  of the hill. I miss my old dirty and messy room. I miss my old PC. And yeah, it’s hard to admit, but I miss my family.  It’s holy week and well, on Saturday the beach will be filled with lots of people but I won’t be joining them. I’m sure the beaches will be dirty again. I’m just gonna stay at home and try to finish my newly acquired PSP game, Prince of Persia: Rival Swords. I have written a beginners review about it on the newly re-themed Stylemo. Check out the screenshots.
I also have other stuffs to finish too. Like the kavatars, yeah that’s what I call those avatars you can see on my recent post.

Wii for sale

Anybody out there who wants to buy a Wii? My brother has 2 sets of Wii and he wants to sell the other one. The package includes two Wii controllers, the Wii console and Wii sports game packs. I’ve played these games and created Miis. My god the Wii is awesome. I wish I could buy it for myself but I’m getting married next month. If you are interested to buy it. Leave a comment here with your email and i will contact you. The price is 20K.

Update: The Wii is sold.

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