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After becoming productive and finishing a WordPress theme I watched Superbad. This is the time for slacking. What is it you say? According to Wikipedia, Superbad is a 2007 comedy film written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The film is directed by former television director Greg Mottola and is produced by Judd Apatow, previously known for directing The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Did you like the definition? Well I sure hope you did.

Before I continue, let me tell you that this post may contain a few spoilers. But it doesn’t matter, you’ll have to watch it anyway.

Superbad is not yet released here in the Philippines but I managed to download it yesterday from one of the torrent sites. It is a funny film actually. The story is about two senior highschool best friends Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill), who tries to get girlfriends before the summer ends. You’ll be shown some illustrations of “dicks” drawn by the young Seth in different forms and shapes. You’ll also meet Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), a funny geek kid who shows his fake ID to Seth and Evan with the name of McLovin. He’ll team up with two funny reckless cops to destroy a police car. Well, enough said. I surely enjoyed the movie but the ending was a little bit odd. I really think that the two main characters were gay. Better watch the movie if you wanna know why.

Superbad will be shown in the Philippines on October 24.


Love is an ocean of emotions in “Donsol”

There’s nothing like a great love story to inspire us. Love may slip through your fingers but life goes on. There’s always a better promise of things to come.

In Bicycle Pictures’ Cinemalaya entry, Donsol, love is at the center this moving and powerful film- a heartwarming study of relationships that could but can’t and never will be. Hence the tagline, “Love is an ocean of emotions.”

Whalesharks, magnificent creatures of the deep, visit once a year the turquoise waters of Donsol. Daniel, the lonesome Butanding Interaction Officer (BIO) played by Sid Lucero, guides tourists in their interaction with the magnificent whale sharks of Donsol, Sorsogon. He finds himself drawn to Teresa (Angel Aquino), a woman as beautiful and mysterious as the enormous visitors of the sea. Burdened by past heartaches and uncertain of the future, the two find sanctuary in each other as love surfaces anew. As the tide rises and recedes in a cycle of loss and renewal, Donsol provides the breathtaking backdrop to a story of heartbreak, and the healing power of love.

Screenwriter Adolfo Alix, Jr. (Ada, Mga Munting Tinig, Homecoming, D’Anothers) describes his directing debut as a poignant love story about two people who may or may not end up together. “Both of them are haunted by their past, so they connected in this seemingly Edenic paradise but they have to face realties. People always come and go in our lives- friends, loved ones but in the end you come out of every experience a better person. The journey is more important than the destination. Whale sharks leave Donsol but there is always a promise that it may come back. If it does not return, the fisherfolk’s lives have been changed by the visit of the sharks forever,” Alix says.

Scheduled to premiere at the 2nd Cinemalaya Independent Film festival, the film boasts of a powerhouse cast- newcomer Sid Lucero; model/actress Angel Aquino; acting heavyweights Cherie Gil, Jaclyn Jose, Bembol Roco, Mark Gil; reliable thespians Simon Ibarra, Kenneth Ocampo with rising child star Aaron Junatas.

Also on board are cinematographer Eli Balce, underwater photographers Boy Siojo, Marissa Floirendo and Carina Escudero, editor Tara Illenberger, sound recordist Ari Trofeo, production designer Gessan Enriquez and music composer Jesse Lucas.

Donsol is definitely the one of the entries to watch out for this July 17-23 in the 2nd Cinemalaya Film Festival at the Cultural center of the Philippines. The film is produced by Bicycle Pictures in cooperation with GiantSponge Productions and with the support of Roadrunner Network Inc., Screencraft Productions and the Local Government of Donsol.

Schedule of Screenings at the CCP:

July 18: 9:00pm

July 19: 6:15pm (Gala Premiere at the CCP Main

July 20: 9:00pm (CCP Little Theater)

July 21: 12:45pm

July 22: 3:30pm

Contact Maxie Evangelista at 0917-2431077 or
7511169 (evenings only) for discounted tickets and
group reservations.

Visit the movie’s website at www.donsolmovie.com or view the Movie Trailer at YouTube.

<Forwarded to me by Berg thru email>

Superman Returns, Tragedy Uprises

I have just witnessed the return of Superman last night at the Podium. I was planning to see that movie on iMax but the seat reservations are already taken for the whole mutherfuckin week and all the following weeks but what the heck, I’m glad i didn’t have to see it on iMax. Ticket costs a sterling 350 pesos.

I’m really not a DC fan but I do admire Superman when I was a kid. I mean Superman was invulnerable, he was fast, he can fly… he can almost do every super power thing. He was so Super that’s why I don’t really like him. Unlike Spider-Man, my favorite Superhero, he has unlimited powers and that makes him so human that I can really relate to him ( yeah i’ve got some super-powers too!). But I really don’t like Spiderman the movie. It’s story has changed and well it sucks. I’ve seen the Spider-man 3 trailer and I’ve seen Spidey and his black costume and I don’t like it. Why can’t they make one just like in the comics? Spider-Man’s black costume is his old costume painted in black. Woah it sucks and it’s stupid. I don’t care about the Spider-Man movies anymore, I’d just buy the comics. if you haven’t heard yet, Spider-Man already has revealed his true identity.

Speaking of hiding secret identities and creating disguises, I firmly believe that there is only one man who does this the best. No it’s not the guys on Mission Imposibble. It’s not Spider-Man either. It’s not Mystique or any shapeshifter. Do you wanna know who this guy is? Nope, it’s not you. It’s Superman, damn it! He just wears those glasses and tadaa… he turns into Clark Kent. Nobody even notices. Even Lois Lane. Those characters at DC are so dumb just like in Superman Returns the movie. Haven’t they noticed any similarity on Clark Kent and Superman? Superman was gone for 5 years and so was Clark. Didn’t the people at the Daily Planet knew that or they were just playing dumb?

I’m gonna tell you something from the movie, Superman fucked Lois Lane before he went looking out for his dead folks and dead planet. I wonder how fast Superman did it. A split second? Even Lois Lane didn’t know. hahahahaha!