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Concert Review: Thursday at A-Venue

Thursday’s gig last night at Makati was a blast. My ears are still ringing from the loud music. The opening bands were great but not all of them.

The concert was opened up by the loud screaming music of April Morning Skies. They totally rock. April Morning Skies is the next band to watch out for. Angulo came up next on stage and just stood there. Chicosci followed and they did their thing on stage. The last opening act was Typecast who gave all their best and they didn’t fail. Typecast is fucking great. Steve Badiola’s screams are rock solid.

Then the lights turned off. The crowd was screaming, getting excited on Thursday. First one who stepped up on stage was the bassist from Saves the Day who filled up for Tim Payne. Then came the other members. When Geoff Rickley came up, the crowd started to roar. The lights turned on and then Thursday began playing their first song whose title I forgot. The crowd went haywire. Every man for himself. The moshpit was chaotic. There were teenage girls in the moshpit. That was cool.

The rest of Thursday’s set was very good. The crowd stayed active all through out their set. They didn’t play “War All The Time” but they played “Cross Out The Eyes.”

After their set, I tried to look for the band to have my Thursday posters signed and autographed. I failed. But it’s ok, seeing them and hearing them is enough.

They’ll be in Camarines Sur tonight to play in the Kaogma festival. I hope the crowd there will be just as wild as the people at A-venue. But I 100 percent doubt it.

This is a repost from Pinoy Rock Lyrics.


Today is Thursday

Actually, today is really Friday. But tonight at A-Venue, somewhere along Makati, a New Jersey based band named Thursday will create chaos. Thursday, one of my favorite post-hardcore bands, will be playing tonight… Oh my ice-breathing fucking god, It’s tonight! I can’t believe it. I waited my whole life for this.

So who among you real post-hardcore loving guys are gonna see the concert? This is your one and only chance. And if you are going there tonight, leave a message here. See you!

Thursday Live in Manila

Do you think I’m kidding? Thursday, one of my favorite bands, is finally coming to Manila. Don’t believe me? Read the news on Pinoy Rock Lyrics.

Lo! The song Marco and I made

I was scanning through my files on my old hard drive last week and I found this song. The song is still untitled and I don’t know what it means. So I’m gonna call the song Lo! The song was written by Marco and I made the music of course. I play the guitar and Marco did the singing. Now i’m wondering, do I have what it takes to be a musician? Listen to the guitar part and leave your comments.

This is live, unedited digital recording. So forgive the noise.

Music and CMS

Somebody visit my tumblr page. What the hell is it all about? It’s actually my music blog. It deserves to be read too by slackers from anywhere around the world.

I’ve decided to minimize slacking for a bit and learn Drupal. Drupal is a Content Management System for your information. I’ve gotta try the templating system of this CMS. Some say it’s hard but with the right motivation and the passion to learn, Drupal will be a piece of cake.

I still have no updates for my WordPress theme. I have many ideas on mind but there’s not just enough time. Oh I really wish I had all the time in the world. It’s almost 9 AM. I gotta go fix myself or I’m gonna be late for work again.

Damn. Ketnana.

Here comes the Fat Of The Land

Armed with deranged thoughts and indigestable experiences, I welcome you Fat Of The Land (FOTL for short).

FOTL a.k.a Hosu, a.k.a Arthur Josue, is a graphic artist and an illustrator, who uses pens and markers as weapons for his masterpieces. He is also the manager of his own Internet Cafe which makes him a big-time boss. On his desk you will see a sign that says, “Nevermind the dog, beware of the owner”. He is ruthless and makes chemistry with dying kittens. A PSP gamer like me, he plays a lot of RPG and creates music in TraxxPad which makes him a big time music producer and a recording artist. He’s planning on releasis his tracks at the end of this season.

He says he’s really new in the blogging thing but read his blog and you’ll be amazed on his writings. So what are you doing here? Get on his blog now.

Eyescream: Memories at 7605


Eyescream, a loud emo band from Nueva Ecija is recently staying at 7605. Yeah 7605, our little apartment here in Mandaluyong. If you haven’t heard of this band yet, well, they’re a band from Nueva Ecija who just released an album entitled  a few months ago. They’re here in Manila to promote their album and of course play a few gigs. Tonight, they’ll be playing at Saguijo and I’ll be seeing them later together with the rest of the past Muziklaban winners.

Me and my housemate Monmon had a little interview on these guys. You can listen to the podcast if you ‘re interested. Well they were drunk doing this. You can hear me play pip’s guitar on the background.