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Learn how to unlock the possibilities of your device on GizmoWizmo

Me and my brother has come up with a new tech blog. It’s called GizmoWizmo. It sounds silly but just wait till the content comes pouring in. GizmoWizmo will cover everything about the latest gadgets and technology. It’s not just another tech blog but a guide for people like you and me who loves gadgets. It’s gonna be a repository for guides on how to manage and maximize your hard-earned gadgets.

It’s temporarily using the Firebug theme but we’re gonna roll it up with a new look next month. Discover amazing things about your device now.


Make way for Una

I have just released my very first free public WordPress Theme. It’s called Una. Why Una? Una is the tagalog translation for the word “first” and since it’s my first public WP theme, I call it first. Hence, Una.

Below is a screenshot of Una

You can download it on my new website, where I celebrated with a glass of soda and a pack of chips on the launch. Please do check it out.

Make way for Pinoy Rock Lyrics!

I’ve just launched the super beta version of one of my personal projects. This one is called Pinoy Rock Lyrics.

This personal project was developed using WordPress as CMS. I designed the whole site in Fireworks for layout and Photoshop for image editing. As usual I converted the whole design into XHTML format using my favorite code editor, Notepad ++. After converting to XHTML, I ported it into WordPress. So in short, I developed the whole site by myself. Of course I’ve got help from Robert and the gang for the content.

Well, enough of the bragging. I want you guys to take a look at it and tell me how does it look and feel like. Please click the image below to go the Pinoy Rock Lyrics.

Pinoy Rock Lyrics Screenshot

Coolmo on Stylemo

What the hell is Coolmo? Well it’s the title of my newest theme for my official website, Stylemo. Go on and check it out right now because I went A.W.O.L. because of this site. I took the color scheme from this blog which I got the idea from switching palettes on Adobe Illustrator. Coolmo! I’d be releasing some theme like this in the future.


CSS Pinoy to be launched on March 23, 2007

It’s been a hell of long time since my last post. So what’s keeping me busy? I’m cooking up something that I think Filipino CSS based designers would love.

CSS Pinoy ScreenshotI’m inviting everyone out there, bloggers or designers who truly embrace the age of new designs. CSS Pinoy is a showcase for CSS based websites crafted by the finest Filipino designers from around the globe. This is my first community project so I hope this goes well.

I’m asking for help to spread the word, first by adding a link to CSS Pinoy from your site or by simply word of mouth.

CSS Pinoy has already been featured in CSSMania, Screeanalicious and Most Inspired and to be featured in other CSS Showcase sites in the future.

Thank you and see you on the site launch!

Whoops Battle of the Bands!

I Just arrived from Liwasang Bonifacio to witness the Whoops Battle of the bands finals. I was there to take pictures for Eye Scream, a promising new band from Nueva Ecija, who happens to be recording recently at SoundWeavers, a recording studio located at Pasong Tamo. I was tagged my boss to come along and take live pictures of the band.

Well, before we went to the contest venue, Rigs (my officemate) and I, walked all the way from our office at Rufino Building to Cityland at Pasong Tamo. We decided to walk because the fuckin taxi drivers were choosing passengers they want to ride on their taxi. It's not that we look scary but the fact is, those damn taxi drivers are very choosy and they don't want passengers who may have very far destinations. Oh well that's how stupid they are.

Back to the contest – I was taking photos of the band and I went in front of the stage not knowing that you need an I.D. to come in. Well, I got a few rounds of shots before they realized I don't have any I.D. on me. Some bouncer told drove me out of the stage. It's ok coz' I have already taken great shots. I wish I could post them here in the future. Watching those bands play makes me really miss my band. I mean, I miss playing in front of wild people. I miss the sweat and the fun onstage. Gee, I should re-group my band. It's not that my band is disbanded but we are separated by distance. Well, anyway, I know that we'll be playing again together soon. I just wish for that.

Tomorrow, or later, my girlfriend and I will be buying a new digital camera. Yeah! We're going to buy the Kodak C330 digital Camera. I'll be posting cool pictures here soon. I wanna be a photographer!

I'm getting sleepy. So folks, good night! And oh, I forgot to mention the results of the contest. Well here thay are, …I forgot. Eye Scream didn't make it to the top 3 but I swear they're really good. Wait for their first song on the radio, soon!

Blast Beat

Last Saturday, I was sent by my boss to Sound Weavers Recording Studio, his studio located in Pasong Tamo, to assist my hometown buddy Monmon in the recording of two bands Final Vow and End This Day.

Recording sessions are exciting but tiring. Your whole body gets tired and your ears bleed – well, it depends. It was freezing inside the studio. Well sort of. It was 17 degrees inside the main control room. I was there to help Mon fix and set-up cables. The studio is Protools-based which means the music tracks are mixed using a computer, preferrably with a Mac which works faster than PC in terms of audio editing and rendering. I used to experiment with music, and record my band’s own songs. That was before I got a job in Makati as a Web Designer. I was using Adobe Audition 1.5 (the former Cool Edit Software) which was cheaper and works like Protools. You can’t use Protools with the software alone. You must at least purchase an MBox, Digi 002, or Audiomedia soundcard – these are the Protools hardwares. Recording is easier now and cheaper than before because it’s digital and you can do it at the comfort of your own room and home PCs. But having a sound-mixing software isn’t enough to make you a sound engineer. You must have the ear for music, the talent and of course your own music.

Well anyway, after the recording, Mon and I went straight to Saguijo, again. On our way there, we saw a stupid guy punching his girlfriend like she was some kind of punching bag. We could’ve helped the girl if we weren’t riding a taxi. When we reached the place, we saw Buddy Zabala and Raymund Marasigan outside If we were earlier we could’ve seen Cambio, Happy Meals, Twisted Halo and Day One Movement. Sugarfree was on stage when we arrived. Yeah. Ebe, the band’s main man was drunk again. Kjwan was next and the last band to perform. I didn’t really see them because the place was too crowded. I didn’t even had a chance to go inside. Well, just like what I’ve said before, the place is small. So we just sat outside and ordered my favorite pulutan – sisig. I saw a lot of personalities that night (including myself) like the infamous Sib from Jack TV (his new show The Jack Yard). The fat lady designer who got sick and was evicted from PBB was there too. I don’t know her name.

We emptied 5 bottles of hard beer each. We left the place and waited for a cab. I went home slightly intoxicated and went straight to sleep.