Make way for Una

I have just released my very first free public WordPress Theme. It's called Una. Why Una? Una is the tagalog translation for the word "first" and since it's my first public WP theme, I call it first. Hence, Una. Below is a screenshot of Una Download the free Una WordPress Theme You can download it… Continue reading Make way for Una

It Takes Only One Day to Grow Old

Yes. I'm older by 1 year now. It was my birthday awhile ago or should I say yesterday. Did I get any presents? Nah, still the same old ordinary day. Didn't get any gifts so I'll give you guys something instead. I've written a tutorial on how to install 3.52 M33-4 on your PSP. Well… Continue reading It Takes Only One Day to Grow Old

Need a Web Designer, XHTML and CSS developer?

Do you have a website that looks like old school? Is your website hard to maintain because of all the complicated code you can't understand? Well, stop your worries now because help is here. Yeah you got that right. I will help you on your problem with your website. Maybe you are asking why I'm… Continue reading Need a Web Designer, XHTML and CSS developer?