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Make way for Una

I have just released my very first free public WordPress Theme. It’s called Una. Why Una? Una is the tagalog translation for the word “first” and since it’s my first public WP theme, I call it first. Hence, Una.

Below is a screenshot of Una

You can download it on my new website, where I celebrated with a glass of soda and a pack of chips on the launch. Please do check it out.


It Takes Only One Day to Grow Old

Yes. I’m older by 1 year now. It was my birthday awhile ago or should I say yesterday. Did I get any presents? Nah, still the same old ordinary day. Didn’t get any gifts so I’ll give you guys something instead. I’ve written a tutorial on how to install 3.52 M33-4 on your PSP. Well if you don’t have a PSP then please pass this on to someone who has one.

Here it is, the how to guide on installing 3.52 M33-4 custom firmware.

Need a Web Designer, XHTML and CSS developer?

Do you have a website that looks like old school? Is your website hard to maintain because of all the complicated code you can’t understand? Well, stop your worries now because help is here. Yeah you got that right. I will help you on your problem with your website.

Maybe you are asking why I’m broadcasting my service or myself as a web designer. Well, I’m currently unemployed right now because I’ve chosen to work freelance for a while. My expertise are coding valid XHTML and CSS and designing websites that has excellent usability and accessibility. I also design and make custom WordPress themes. Yeah thanks for the WordPress codex. If you have a website that is composed or built with tables, I can make it a tableless layout by coding valid XHTML and CSS. Why convert your website into a tableless layout? Well there are many obvious reasons. I can only name a few but these few reasons are enough to convince you to have your site a make over:

First, table based layouts takes so much time to load while websites done with CSS layout takes a shorter time. Second, table based layouts are very hard to maintain and update while CSS layouts are very easy to update and maintain even for the person who has a little knowledge about HTML.

Tables are meant for tabular data and not for layout. Using XHTML and CSS, your website become user friendly, accessible and search engine robot-friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Help me and give me something to work with. I don’t want to spendthe Christmas holidays without a penny. If you are interested about my works and you want to hire me, email me at fatfingur[at]gmail.com or you can leave a comment below with your email so I can email you back. Thanks and I’m looking forward for job offers!

Don’t shoot the puppy!

"Coochie coochie coo. Oh my, what a cute puppy. Can I hold him?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Ouch! He bit me! This damn dog bit my hand! I'm gonna fuckin kill this mutherfuckin dog!"


"I'm gonna kill you too if you try to stop me. Now give me my fuckin' gun."

"Don't shoot the puppy!"

"Bang! Bang!"

"Oh no, what have I done, I killed the puppy… No, I've killed you both. Now I've got rabies. I might as well shoot myself too…"


Do you think you're patient enough not to move the fuckin' mouse? I don't think so. I bet you a million bucks on the first try you won't even last 1 second.

Don't shoot the puppy and see what I'm talking about. 

You will need a flash player. 

Blast Beat

Last Saturday, I was sent by my boss to Sound Weavers Recording Studio, his studio located in Pasong Tamo, to assist my hometown buddy Monmon in the recording of two bands Final Vow and End This Day.

Recording sessions are exciting but tiring. Your whole body gets tired and your ears bleed – well, it depends. It was freezing inside the studio. Well sort of. It was 17 degrees inside the main control room. I was there to help Mon fix and set-up cables. The studio is Protools-based which means the music tracks are mixed using a computer, preferrably with a Mac which works faster than PC in terms of audio editing and rendering. I used to experiment with music, and record my band’s own songs. That was before I got a job in Makati as a Web Designer. I was using Adobe Audition 1.5 (the former Cool Edit Software) which was cheaper and works like Protools. You can’t use Protools with the software alone. You must at least purchase an MBox, Digi 002, or Audiomedia soundcard – these are the Protools hardwares. Recording is easier now and cheaper than before because it’s digital and you can do it at the comfort of your own room and home PCs. But having a sound-mixing software isn’t enough to make you a sound engineer. You must have the ear for music, the talent and of course your own music.

Well anyway, after the recording, Mon and I went straight to Saguijo, again. On our way there, we saw a stupid guy punching his girlfriend like she was some kind of punching bag. We could’ve helped the girl if we weren’t riding a taxi. When we reached the place, we saw Buddy Zabala and Raymund Marasigan outside If we were earlier we could’ve seen Cambio, Happy Meals, Twisted Halo and Day One Movement. Sugarfree was on stage when we arrived. Yeah. Ebe, the band’s main man was drunk again. Kjwan was next and the last band to perform. I didn’t really see them because the place was too crowded. I didn’t even had a chance to go inside. Well, just like what I’ve said before, the place is small. So we just sat outside and ordered my favorite pulutan – sisig. I saw a lot of personalities that night (including myself) like the infamous Sib from Jack TV (his new show The Jack Yard). The fat lady designer who got sick and was evicted from PBB was there too. I don’t know her name.

We emptied 5 bottles of hard beer each. We left the place and waited for a cab. I went home slightly intoxicated and went straight to sleep.