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Make way for Una

I have just released my very first free public WordPress Theme. It’s called Una. Why Una? Una is the tagalog translation for the word “first” and since it’s my first public WP theme, I call it first. Hence, Una.

Below is a screenshot of Una

You can download it on my new website, where I celebrated with a glass of soda and a pack of chips on the launch. Please do check it out.


Today is Thursday

Actually, today is really Friday. But tonight at A-Venue, somewhere along Makati, a New Jersey based band named Thursday will create chaos. Thursday, one of my favorite post-hardcore bands, will be playing tonight… Oh my ice-breathing fucking god, It’s tonight! I can’t believe it. I waited my whole life for this.

So who among you real post-hardcore loving guys are gonna see the concert? This is your one and only chance. And if you are going there tonight, leave a message here. See you!

Thursday Live in Manila

Do you think I’m kidding? Thursday, one of my favorite bands, is finally coming to Manila. Don’t believe me? Read the news on Pinoy Rock Lyrics.

Here comes the Fat Of The Land

Armed with deranged thoughts and indigestable experiences, I welcome you Fat Of The Land (FOTL for short).

FOTL a.k.a Hosu, a.k.a Arthur Josue, is a graphic artist and an illustrator, who uses pens and markers as weapons for his masterpieces. He is also the manager of his own Internet Cafe which makes him a big-time boss. On his desk you will see a sign that says, “Nevermind the dog, beware of the owner”. He is ruthless and makes chemistry with dying kittens. A PSP gamer like me, he plays a lot of RPG and creates music in TraxxPad which makes him a big time music producer and a recording artist. He’s planning on releasis his tracks at the end of this season.

He says he’s really new in the blogging thing but read his blog and you’ll be amazed on his writings. So what are you doing here? Get on his blog now.

Be my Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day. What’s so special about this day? For me, Valentine’s day is the day where couples exchange flowers.

Exchange flowers you say? Do you agree or not? Why not? It’s not only the men who gives flowers and it’s not only the women who receive flowers. When a man gives a woman flowers it means that the man wants something in return. The man also wants a peice of the woman’s flower.

So I hope this helps out people who doesn’t really have an idea on what Valentine’s day is about.

Wii for sale

Anybody out there who wants to buy a Wii? My brother has 2 sets of Wii and he wants to sell the other one. The package includes two Wii controllers, the Wii console and Wii sports game packs. I’ve played these games and created Miis. My god the Wii is awesome. I wish I could buy it for myself but I’m getting married next month. If you are interested to buy it. Leave a comment here with your email and i will contact you. The price is 20K.

Update: The Wii is sold.

Graphika Manila Multimedia Conference at the Mall of Asia: See you there!

Hey guys, see you at the Graphika Manila Multimedia Conference on December 2, 2006. I’ll be there to witness the masters share their inspiring thoughts and techniques. Just read a great review, well kind of, about Graphika Manila on Stylemo. It’s on details about the speakers who will attend the conference.