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Pinoys Love Free Porn Sites

I checked out the top 100 most visited websites from the Philippines on Alexa.com. YouPorn and Redtube were on the top 30. Yeah, go pinoy. So that’s what Pinoys do on the internet. Surf free porn videos. I think parents need to make these websites unaccessible to their 10 year old kids. 10 year old kids here in the Philippines have friendster accounts. And yeah Friendster is number 1 on the most visited website from our blessed country, the Philippines. Blessed, not.

See the stats.


Yummy Cheap Sweet Calamares

WARNING!!!!! Somebody read this!

Di b kayo nagtataka kung bakit ang kalamares na tinitinda sa kalye ay napakmura at malaki pa…eh samantlang nasa php250 per kilo ito sa mga palengke.

Ganito yun. Deliver ito gling China sako-sako at binebenta lng ng 1,800 per sako… napakamura po di ba? Hindi b dapat nasisira na ito kapag sa byahe pa lang?

Ang malupit na sikreto. Dahil ang mga pusit n ito ay SAGANA sa FORMALIN…sarap db?!?!

A message from my old office buddy Rigs.

Boring Boxing

I saw the boxing fight between Manny Pacquiao and Marco Barrera yesterday. All I could say about the fight is that it was boring. If Marco Barrera was really to avenge his fellow Mexican boxers then why is he even afraid to give a punch. All he was doing all the time was defending. And he also gave that cheap shot while the referee was breaking them(both fighters) down.

Pacquiao  on the other hand gave a good fight although I really find him very funny . If you listened carefully to the interview after the fight, his answers was very irrelevant to the questions.

The Coconut Milk Order

My friend, Zell and I went to the canteen to have lunch. There were these two guys, and I think they’re both gay who were on the line and they can’t fucking decide what they’re gonna eat. They were asking the lady at the food counter if the chicken had coconut milk on it. I can’t help but notice the disappointment on their faces when the lady said there was none. Now why are these two fucking faggots looking for coconut milk? What’s with coconut milk? Then suddenly it hit me. They were looking for something to eat that looks like semen. I told Zell about it and when the two faggots left we were laughing. I’m really a good person but the next time I see faggots messing around like that I’m gonna kick their fucking asses off.

Did you know that 30% of the men who goes to the gym are gay? Well, that was according to Zell. So why do fucking fags go to the gym? The answer is obvious. Of course they want to meet guys. Makati is infested with fags. And most of these fags are good looking men. Well I think that’s good. It eliminates the competition. It increases the chance of getting those hot chicks.

Wishful thinking.

Signs of Death

I know of someone who just died yesterday. Last week they (the people closest to him) said that he started to see beings from the other side. When I heard that I knew that it wasn’t long before he dies. I think I saw this movie about the paranormal that when a person who doesn’t normally have a third eye starts to see beings from the other side, they say his death is near. Yesterday when it happened I really got the chills. I hope his soul rests in peace though.

Nostradamus Jr at 7605 podcast!

7605, the number of our apartment sponsors a podcast that you can listen for free. Their special guest is Nostradamus Jr! You can see them live tomorrow at 6 Underground at Makati! Listen to the podcast now!

The title of the podcast is Guitar which includes a free guitar tutorial. You’ll also learn the history of guitar. What are you waiting for? Go to the podcast page and listen now!

Doodle: The art of digital drawing

It’s the year 2006 and everything in this world seems to be like connected to each other. Well, digitally, I mean. Who doesn’t use an instant messenger nowadays? I guess everyone has a Yahoo, ICQ, AOL or MSN account. Even my niece who is just 10 years old has a Yahoo Messenger account. I don’t remember having one as I was a kid. Everything seems to be quite so complicated right now. I mean one can’t live without logging in to his or her Messenger everyday. Well, I must confess that I’m always online everyday.It’s because I need it on my current work. It’s funny though that in the office, we are in the same small room but the way we communicate or talk is through Yahoo Messenger. It’s like an essential part of our work. It’s a privelege but sometimes Online Messengers get annoying.

Doodlin RigsIf for example you are busy doing something the somebody buzzes you while you are in the middle of doing your masterpiece, your momentum for your masterpiece suddenly drops down. Well, it doesn’t happen to me occasionally but it does sometimes. Actually I’ve got a lot of messengers in my office PC. I’ve got MSN, Gtalk, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger. I know that there’s a software out there to handle all these Online messengers but I don’t use it. It’s not like the “real” thing. But I’ve tried it. If you wanna try it then go check it out. It’s called Trillian. It’s like an online messenger that has all the popular online messengers in it. But like I said it’s not like the real thing. Or maybe you could use . It’s like a messenger inside your browser. You need Javascript activated on your browser though to use it. It uses AJAX.  All these muti-messengers I’ve mentioned are good but using separate Messengers is really different. What I mean here is that you cannot use IMVironments on Trillain or Meebo so it’s really different. Not that I’m an IMVironment addict or something but I actually use it. One of the most IMVironments I use is Doodle. I’m sure you’ve used it if you are a Yahoo Messenger addict.

Doodle is like a sketchpad or something, and both parties having conversation can actually draw in this “sketchpad” in realtime. That’s cool and it’s not something new. Well to feed my addiction, I made a blog in blogger, that features all my Doodles. You can check out my Instant Doodle page now. What I do is I draw something and hit the “print screen” button, crop it then voila! A masterpiece.

Now go and check all my Doodles and be sure to leave your comments. And yeah we can Doodle with each other if you want. My Yahoo Messenger handler is fatfingur. Just send me an instant message and no chatters please, just doodlers. LOL