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Goodbye Shinji & Nikaru

My pet African love bird died today. He was still alive when I saw him during his last minutes but he was struggling and battling death. The last thing he did before he died was spread his wings. I will surely miss Shinji.

His partner Nikaru died 3 weeks ago. So I think Shinji died because he was broken hearted although we bought him a new partner, Gabriela. I guess Shinji didn’t like Gabriela. But I’m also guessing he got sick or something. I might be sending the Gabriela to the vet. Oh well.

Meanwhile, my pet persian cat, Mittens bit me on my middle finger on the right hand 2 days ago. So I had to go to the doctor and give me shots of expensive anti-rabies and anti-tetanous vaccines. I hope Mittens doesn’t get rabid though. But I’m completeing the anti-rabies shots just to be sure.

Shinji & Nikaru

Shinji & Nikaru


Greed has taken down your intelligence

Sometimes people only think of themselves. Yeah I know one person. I used to look up to him but right now, I can see that he is just the same as a dirty street rat. I don’t talk to him right now and maybe he’s thinking that I have a problem with him. I just lost my respect. That’s all. I’m just laughing at him right now.

Intelligent people may be stupid and idiot sometimes. I don’t envy him. I pity him for not using his real intelligence. Hahahaha!

Attention FHM Magazine collectors and Perverts!

Ever worried about missing an issue of FHM magazine? Well this is your lucky day!

I’ve found a link featuring the collection of FHM Philippines Covers from the year 2000 – 2006! Now that’s a blast!

Check it out yo!