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Flat Tire

Last 2 weeks ago, we had a small gig at my hometown. The gig was fun. We were about to go home after the show but my car’s frontwheel got flat. Well the car isn’t actually mine but it’s my wife’s. The left front wheel was punctured by some kinda sharp pointed thing. I was parked along the highway where vulcanizing shops are abundant around the area.

I didn’t catch the cilprits but I was drawn to the conclusion that the ones who did it were from around the area where I parked. Damn this people. Karma will hit them soon.

It was a good thing that some
of my friends decided to help me fix it up.

I’ve learned a lesson – don’t park around vulcanizing shops. They’re gonna get your tires hoping you’d bring it to them for a fix.


Check out my website Redesign

I have recently launched the latest redesign of my site. Please check it out: http://dinolatoga.com. While you are at it, you may also want to read the 7 stages the redesign went through before I end up with the final one which I’m using right now.

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Goodbye Shinji & Nikaru

My pet African love bird died today. He was still alive when I saw him during his last minutes but he was struggling and battling death. The last thing he did before he died was spread his wings. I will surely miss Shinji.

His partner Nikaru died 3 weeks ago. So I think Shinji died because he was broken hearted although we bought him a new partner, Gabriela. I guess Shinji didn’t like Gabriela. But I’m also guessing he got sick or something. I might be sending the Gabriela to the vet. Oh well.

Meanwhile, my pet persian cat, Mittens bit me on my middle finger on the right hand 2 days ago. So I had to go to the doctor and give me shots of expensive anti-rabies and anti-tetanous vaccines. I hope Mittens doesn’t get rabid though. But I’m completeing the anti-rabies shots just to be sure.

Shinji & Nikaru

Shinji & Nikaru

2009 Hot Air Balloon Festival

Yesterday we headed towards Clark, Pampanga to see things that can fly. I never saw Superman though. I took some pictures and you can check it out on my flickr account.

Balloon 13

Balloon 13



You can see more on flickr.

News says Private Downloads Will be Monitored by Mr. Papaya

I was watching the local news last night I think when I heard that Edu Manzano and his cohorts are cooking some law that would make private downloads illegal. It means that all private downloads will be monitored and you may be sued if you are downloading pirated stuff.

My reaction? I just laughed in front of the TV. How in the world will they do that? And even if they were successful wouldn’t that be invasion of privacy? I mean this guy’s really not thinking at all. He’s just saying things that would make him look good in front of the people. He couldn’t even handle the piracy problem – the illegal DVDs and CDs. So why the hell should we believe this crap? This guy is pretentious. He should just stick with his stupid papaya dance step and entertain people.

Learn how to unlock the possibilities of your device on GizmoWizmo

Me and my brother has come up with a new tech blog. It’s called GizmoWizmo. It sounds silly but just wait till the content comes pouring in. GizmoWizmo will cover everything about the latest gadgets and technology. It’s not just another tech blog but a guide for people like you and me who loves gadgets. It’s gonna be a repository for guides on how to manage and maximize your hard-earned gadgets.

It’s temporarily using the Firebug theme but we’re gonna roll it up with a new look next month. Discover amazing things about your device now.

Cable TV and Cans of Milk

We just had our cable TV installed today. So right now we have more than 5 channels. Isn’t that exciting? (not)

I just realized a while ago when I was surfing the channels that it’s all the same. I mean the situation is all the same. The scenario is still the same. When we had only 5 channels on TV, I was complaining because there’s nothing good to watch. Now that we’ve got 70+ channels I’m still complaining because I don’t what the hell to watch. The solution – my computer. So I just went to my home office and sat in front of the PC to work on my projects.

Another thing is, I think there’s a scarcity of NAN HA-2 baby milk here in Pampanga. We looked everywhere – every supermarket and drugstore. We can’t find a can of NAN HA-2 for my baby. Where are the cans of milk, Nestle?!!!

Meanwhile, in the world of blogging, my Una WordPress theme is now widget ready. So for those of you looking for a clean looking professional theme, grab Una now. You can see the demo of Una theme on my website.